GDPR Training in Buckinghamshire

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GDPR Training in Buckinghamshire

The General Data Protection Regulations or the GDPR is coming.  Whether you like it or not everyone needs to be compliant or at least starting on their compliance journey.  Its a huge task and can be daunting, but with clear guidance and an experienced GDPR Practitioner it need not to be.  We offer GDPR training in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

The Economist said recently that data was the world’s most precious asset, more valuble than oil.  Just consider the data as yours and how you would feel if someone had your data without your permission.

Where to start GDPR Training in Buckinghamshire?

If you want to learn more about GDPR an on line course can help you start with your data protection within your company.  A good place to start is to look at what personal data is.  Personal data that the GDPR covers is anything that can identify a natural living person.  There is also special category data.  This refers to anything that is about your physical body, your beliefs, your race or your sexual prefences.  You generally need consent to process and collect personal data and you require special consent to process special category data.

Schools will need to consider GDPR Training in Buckinghamshire

There are going to to think about for a specific areas such as GDPR in schools, where you have minors.  Its a good idea to ask a GDPR professional.  The UK regards the age of a minor is 13, whereas in other parts of the EU it is 16 so its a good idea to check.  Schools often have biometric data so the kids can buy their lunch.  Its going to be critical that schools have security in place so that this precious data is not compromised.  Schools will need to make sure they have the right data security in place.  Stolen data could be used in a crime 15 years from now.

This is not meant to scare but the data losses can have huge implications for everyone.  If you need help – do get in touch.  We provide GDPR training in Buckinghamshire that is accessible and affordable.  Why take the risk?