GDPR Advice in Hertfordshire

GPDR Advice in Hertfordshire

The 25th May has been and gone just like any other day except for the fact that GDPR finally arrived.  We have had two years to prepare for this but I have never seen panic like it!  I’m guessing that I had at least 50 emails asking me to opt in, opt out and how important it was to stay in touch.  At least half of those I really didn’t need to receive. They had a legitimate reason to contact me or a contractual obligation to do so.  They didn’t need my consent to contact me. So maybe these companies didn’t seek GDPR advice in Hertfordshire?

Where should I look for GDPR Advice in Hertfordshire?

There are lots of companies who can offer advice.  I would look for a qualified GDPR Practitioner who understands how businesses work.  We at Trusted Compliance Solutions have many years of commercial, process and change management experience in many industries including telecoms, construction, gas and oil and manufacturing.  We have dealt with those resistant to change and those who embrace it.

What kind of GDPR Advice can I expect to find in Hertfordshire?

If someone offers you a quick fix, this is unlikely to be good advice.  A quick amend and whistlestop tour through your documents is unlikely to make you GDPR compliant.  It has to start with the data, the policies and processes that you follow are critical but it has to begin with what information you have to start with.

A thorough data inventory is where you need to start:

  • What you have?
  • Why you have it?
  • Do you need it?
  • Do you ever use it?
  • How long do you keep it for?
  • Who else sees it?
  • Finally…how you protect it?

These will be questions that a good GDPR Practitioner will ask.  Data and how you protect it will need to be key for any organisation now, regard it as if it was your data and then you realise its importance.

What GDPR Advice should I take in Hertfordshire?

I would look for someone who understands your priorities and lets you focus on your core business.  GDPR will be part of the brave new world but with careful planning and good advice both your business goals and the new law requirements will be easy to combine.

We can provide effective GDPR Advice in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.  Do get in touch and we can start your compliance journey.