10 GDPR things to do when self isolating

spring days and new beginnings, GDPR things to do whilst self isolating

Here are 10 GDPR things to do when self isolating.  What can we do to use this time?   We need to be flexible and use this period for review and reflection, we might not be able to charge clients for this time but we can be ready for when we can work again.

The ICO has issued the following advice:


So what can we do in this time when we can’t see our customers face to face?

  1. Review your data retention, does it still work for you? We are nearly two years into GDPR now so you will have an idea of how long your data is needed and is useful for. Do you still need to keep that information?
  2. Have a big spring clean – clear out that data that you don’t need, including your digital files. Maybe buy that shredder or consider confidential data disposal.
  3. If you need to get rid of some data, consider redacting it so you can keep the useful information so you can target your marketing at your idea clients. Eg your target market might be females in their 30’s.
  4. Clear your desk, a tidy up – it’s cathartic and may highlight some data that you missed and a great thing to do whilst self isolating.
  5. Tackle that pile of business cards that live in your drawer, there are lots of ways to organise them such as: https://www.thebalancesmb.com/best-business-card-scanner-apps-4171696
  6. Find a CRM that works for you, there are lots of free versions or devise your own with specific actions so you can plan.
  7. Plan your marketing and your content for the next month.  It could include self isolation tips. Make sure you have your consents in place so you can contact them, perhaps you need to complete an Legitimate Interest Assessment.
  8. Have a look at your suppliers, are they GDPR compliant?  If they can’t continue to supply you for whatever reason, what would happen to your data?
  9. Are you or your staff working from home? You need to make sure that the data is as secure as if they were working normally.  Consider access, what security they have in place, if local files are used and identify any breach risks.
  10. Review your privacy policy?  Does it still reflect the data that you use?  Have your 3rd parties changed?  Have you reviewed your cookie policy and website analytics recently?

Many people are self isolating.  We have no choice,so let’s use this time to be effective and ride out this storm.

We chose a happy photo to brighten up the bad news and to remind us that there will be colour and new beginnings soon.

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