Blogs or knowledge bases?


Knowledge base of books
Knowledge base of books

Blogs or knowledge bases? What do you prefer?

I heard someone say the other day that that blogs are outdated and that providing knowledge is a better idea.
What do you think?

I do like a blog but I think that a knowledge base is always a great idea.

The biggest difference between a blog and a knowledge base is its intent. If it’s designed to help customers find solutions to their problems, then it’s a knowledge base. If its purpose is to promote ideas and messages on your brand’s behalf, then it’s a blog.

Blogs or knowledge bases?

My plan is to publish a few knowledge bases that can provide useful information for sole traders and companies to practically insert GDPR into their worlds.

GDPR is a weird and wonderful area and it scares quite a lot of people with its implications.  It doesn’t need to be scary, its a mixture of common sense and politeness.    So I think that it would be really useful to provide some clear advice on the usual problem areas that people experience.  Blogs and knowledge bases are both useful but let’s try knowledge bases for a while.

Some areas that I intent to cover are data controllers and data processors and what you need to have in place.  Marketing consents and legitimate interest assessments and how that effects how you can contact your clients.  Data flows and how they can really help you work out your risks.

There is lots of good information and great advice on the ICO website too:

If you can think of some areas where you could use some help do get in touch:

So what’s your choice? Blogs or knowledge bases?